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Relocation & Recruitment Advice - Middle East

Possibilities in the Middle East:


Whether you're looking to expand or add to an office, or are planning a relocation with a new challenge, our Executive Search Middle East team can help you make the right choice.


Executive Search Middle East


AP Executive consultants can assist you with jobs in the Middle East. Please peruse the information provided for you below or contact us to discuss further options.

Our Executive Search Middle East team are experts in the market in this part of the world. We specialise in jobs in:


Abu Dhabi




Saudi Arabia


The unique cultures in the Middle East can make it seem like a daunting place to job hunt, but the excellent opportunities in this resource rich region mean it shouldn't be overlooked.

Resource rich economies and expanding possibilities: Executive Search Middle East - what's stopping you?

These locations have excellent natural resources such as oil and gas, and construction is also a major industry in this region. This creates good opportunities within law, finance and wealth management and many areas are actively encouraging foreign companies such as investment banks.

Companies and individuals can take advantage of some very favourable tax rates in the Middle East. In Dubai, for example, there are no income or capital taxes apart from for oil and domestic banking, so international banking is in a great position here.

Private equity investments total around USD1billion in Dubai, with current estimates predicting this will grow. As more than 80 per cent of the investment in the region is currently offshore, increasing the need for the local business community to draw on international expertise, AP Executive finds itself in a position to add real value to clients.

Oman levies no personal income, estate or gift tax and efforts to stimulate foreign international investment have worked meaning more money is being invested here. There is, however, company tax to be paid.

For some regions, predominantly Saudi Arabia, knowledge of Sharia law is essential for legal jobs, private banking jobs and wealth management jobs.


Relocation to the Middle East is in general straightforward, albeit bureaucratic.

For Abu Dhabi, once a permit is given, it has to be renewed every year. To obtain a permit one has to go through various health tests, including blood tests, but the costs will be funded by your company or sponsor.

In Oman the system is improving, although it is still bureaucratic and can be time consuming as you have to go through various different procedures. Applicants can apply for a work permit/visa which is issued at the request of a credible local sponsor who is responsible for the application.

To work in Qatar you will require a local sponsor. Applications for residence permits are made after arrival in Qatar through the Immigration Department. These are becoming increasingly straightforward to arrange, and are normally available within 6 weeks of arrival. Family dependents also receive residence permits.

For Dubai or Saudi Arabia you also have to secure work and then apply for a permit, which your employer will sponsor. Permits for Saudi Arabia can be problematic so advice should be sought from our experts.


Anicet Tanghe

For more information contact our dedicated senior recruitment specialist for Middle East, Anicet Tanghe on (+41) 22 807 2021 or email anicet.tanghe@ap-executive.com

Connect with Anicet Tanghe on LinkedIn


Sumit Sandhu

For more information contact our dedicated specialist recruitment consultant for Middle East, Sumit Sandhu on (+44) 20 7367 0608 or email sumit.sandhu@ap-executive.com

Connect with Sumit Sandhu on LinkedIn

Jobs in Middle East

Investment Director - Tourism and Culture

Dubai - Funds & Investments,Private Equity,Real Estate - Permanent

Investment Director: Tourism & Culture, Middle East Job description: My client is a private equity institutional investor with globally diversified investment portfolio including real estate and private equity assets across various sectors. Investments cover travel and leisure, financial se...

Chief Investment Officer - Direct Investments

Dubai - Funds & Investments,Private Equity - Permanent

CIO - Direct Investments - Middle East Job Description: Our client is a private equity institutional investor with a globally diversified investment portfolio including real estate and private equity assets across various sectors, covering travel and leisure, financial services, utilities, ...

Senior Equity Strategist, Zurich

Switzerland - Zurich - Financial Markets,Private Banking - Permanent

The successful candidate for this senior role will join a global team in charge of the coordination, production, distribution, and maintenance of equity strategy and research recommendations. This team work closely with the CIO Europe and the Global Investment Committee. The strategy team are a...

Senior Wealth Planner - Middle East

Switzerland - Geneva - Private Banking,Tax/Wealth Advisory,Trust & Fiduciary - Permanent

Our client is a well regarded Swiss Private Bank. In their plan to develop their tax and wealth planning offering they are seeking a Senior Wealth planner. The successful candidate will be responsible for wealth structuring strategies and solutions for high net worth individuals. You will a...

Business Developer - Financial Sales Consultant - Dubai

Dubai - Financial Markets - Permanent

For our client an international financial services provider with locations in Singapore, Zurich and Dubai, we require an experienced Business Developer - Financial Sales Consultant Our client, a global investment and technology development firm are currently seeking a strong sales consultant ...



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