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Search and Recruitment Services in Nassau, the Bahamas

Whether you are seeking employment in the Bahamas or are searching for top-level candidates to fill your available vacancies, the ideal solution is to trust in a leading international executive search and recruitment agency to guide you through the entire employment process or represent your company. 

At AP Executive, we specialise in filling executive level positions in Nassau, the Bahamas with the most appropriate, qualified candidates. With a vast portfolio of high-quality job seekers and an immense amount of experience in the region, you can rest assured that your business will fulfil its recruiting criteria with leading candidates who have been carefully screened and sourced.  

Our areas of expertise include wealth management, fund management, private banking and investment banking as well as family office and legal services. We also offer assistance in areas such as payroll, thus saving you time and enabling you to focus on the areas of your business that matter.  

Contact us today to discover how we can assist you with finding finance jobs in Nassau, Bahamas. 

Global Vision from a Local Partner

AP Executive is the ideal solution for job seekers, whether you are currently situated in the Bahamas or are seeking to relocate here or elsewhere. We are passionate about helping professionals to find employment that’s both fulfilling and beneficial to their career growth and ambitions. 
As an internationally recognised recruitment consultant, we work hard to recognise your specific recruitment needs and remain on hand to support and guide you throughout every stage of the process, from career advice and market information to pre-interview guidance and job alerts. 

If you’re ready to discover your next executive career opportunity in Nassau, Bahamas or are seeking to recruit an executive employee for your business, please contact one of our consultants today to discuss your needs. 

Client Services

Talent Acquisition and Planning

Talent acquisition is integral to managing organizational talent pool and driving business outcomes. By taking a strategic approach to identifying, attracting, recruiting and retaining top C-suite candidates, we ensure that talent acquisition is effectively aligned with your corporate goals. 

Talent Management and Development

With our extensive HR experience, we help facilitate talent management and development process with your company’s management team, incorporating Performance Management and Assessment Tools, Competency Framework Design and Corporate Training Programmes. We undertake thorough job Analysis and Evaluation in order to articulate organizational needs to employees through coaching and mentoring.


The key to successful retention of high-performing candidates lies in an effective employee engagement plan. We work with organisations of all sizes to develop and deploy optimal employee engagement action plans to improve workforce performance and business outcomes, focussing on diversity and inclusion. Our employee surveys are customised to the needs of each client that help collect relevant feedback from your employees and address the key issues. 

Employee Relations

We offer a comprehensive range of employee relations services, including Outplacement Services, Change Management, Organisational Restructuring, Absence and Performance Management and Workplace Mediation. We help organisations promote positive working environments and relationships through good management practices and employee counselling. 

HR Tools and Analytics

We provide advanced HR Analytics and Tools to help you process complex employee data and align them with your strategic business goals. Our extensive HR expertise enables us to formulate effective HR Policies and Procedures for greater organisational efficiency and productivity. 

Compensation and Benefits

Our experienced team of HR specialists work with you to design and implement attractive compensation and benefits package to maximise employee engagement and retention. Our intentional expertise means we are able to assist you with your planning needs in different jurisdictions and offer comprehensive advice on rewarding high-performers while optimising resources. 

Outsourcing Payroll

Free up your resources and let us handle all the administration, regulation and associated stresses that come with payroll. Outsourcing payroll is simple, cost-effective and secure.

Benchmarking Guides

Benchmark your salaries and make sure your remuneration strategy is competitive with our salary guides. The information is up to date and relevant to your industry.

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Job Alerts

Never miss out on any opportunity with our free job alert service! Register for our job alert service and be rest assured that you will be notified when any new job vacancies are available in your chosen sector. 

Career Advice

Whether you’re looking for advice on switching a career or need help preparing for a job search, our team of experienced executive search specialists are uniquely placed to offer personalised career planning suggestions by taking into account your career aspirations and current skill set. 

Market Information

With over 20 years of experience in the finance, banking and legal sectors across 55 jurisdictions, we provide advice on the latest labour market as well as insights into what employers are currently looking for. 

Benchmarking Salaries

Want to know what’s your worth in the current job market? We can calculate your remuneration package depending on the occupation and location – we make sure that you have an accurate idea of what your employer should pay for your service. 

Pre-interview Briefing

Leave a great first impression at the interview with our pre-interview briefing! Our consultants will help you prepare your elevator speech and teach you how to develop intelligent answers at the interview. We will brief you on your prospective employer – so that you can ace the interview with confidence. 

Relocation Advice

Relocating for work is one of the toughest decisions in the life of a working professional. We make this process easier for you by answering all your relocation related queries and concerns, such as work permits, housing, cost of living, education and healthcare and social life. 

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