Fund Management Executive Search & Recruitment Barbados

Looking for a tropical paradise that also offers exceptional fund management job opportunities? Look no further than Barbados. With its enticing job prospects and excellent salaries, Barbados isn’t only about sun, sea and sand. This is also a great place to accelerate your career, particularly if you are an executive-level fund management job seeker with unique skills and experience.

At AP Executive, every candidate is important to us. We are known for working closely with staff to comprehend their exact aims and objectives. Our mission is to provide fresh recruitment solutions that help candidates cultivate their careers, while also helping organizations to meet their creative and financial objectives.

Over the years, we have filled numerous investment fund management roles in Barbados, including:

  • Systems Company Secretary

  • Fund Manager

  • Anti-Money Laundering Fund Administrator

  • Fund Manager

  • Investment Advisor

  • Data Scientist

  • Transfer Agent

  • RegTech Manager

  • Tax specialist

  • Fund Management Internal Auditor

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At AP Executive, our fund management headhunters specialize in executive search and recruitment. We support you and advise you on the strategic recruitment of highly qualified executives that your business needs to thrive. Our top fund management recruiters take a bespoke approach, helping you to find the ideal staff for your available role or roles.

In addition to executive search and recruitment in Barbados, we also offer talent management and development solutions to help you nurture your staff and elevate their success. Through our extensive HR experience, we help to facilitate the talent management and development process, enabling you to foster learning and employee engagement to drive organizational performance, productivity and results.

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