Family Office Jobs Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein is a superb location for singleand multi- family office / private office employment as this tiny principality offers very high salaries for both European and global standards. Corporate life is highly organised and professional here, while you’ll also benefit from a great work-life balance and an excellent standard of living.

Liechtenstein has an attractive tax regime, international banks and a strong finance sector, which offers numerous opportunities for expats. What’s more, there are a number of local and multi- family office companies located here, offering unparalleled advisory and wealth management services for high-net-worth family office clients.

Due to the demand for family office services in Liechtenstein, there remains demand for senior executives to fill available family office roles. We take your needs very seriously, and remain committed to matching your talents and aspirations with our top-tier clients in Liechtenstein.

If you are seeking top family office wealth management jobs in Liechtenstein, AP Executive is the recommended choice. Our experienced headhunters take a broad, creative approach when it comes to evaluating candidates. We support you throughout the entire family office job search, whether you’re seeking new responsibilities, a new role or a new organisation.

Our executive recruiters have filled some of Liechtenstein’s top family office jobs, including:

  • Family Office Private Equity Investor

  • Family Office Private Banker

  • Family Office Asset Management Director

  • Private Family Office Fund Manager

  • Family Office Financial Services Accountant

  • Private Equity Accountant

  • Chief Operating Officer

  • Family Office Management Specialist

Top Family Office Recruiters

Our experienced family office executive recruiters work closely with clients to identify the right candidates that offer the ideal fit for your corporate needs, role and culture. What’s more, we share industry trends and insights, giving you the best of our international expertise.

Our family office headhunters possess in-depth market knowledge, along with a broad network of industry contacts. No matter how complex or challenging your staffing needs might be, our skilled recruiters know exactly where to find the individuals you’re looking for.

To discuss your staff or employment needs, contact AP Executive’s family office executive search specialists today.