Family / Private Office Australia

With its thriving economy that continues to grow at a steady pace, there remains a great need for qualified specialists in Australia, and the country’s growing economy provides plenty of job opportunities.

Australia is a flourishing nation with a robust family office financial services sector, which has led to the availability of plenty of job opportunities. There are so many family office investment companies located here, with many high-net-worth clients seeking professional family office services.

With the ever-changing requirements and regulatory landscape, family office companies are in need of competent, knowledgeable staff to successfully execute their roles. Today’s family office clients seek alternative ways to preserve their family fortunes, and your staff must be able to deliver on these requirements.

At AP Executive, our family office wealth management headhunters take a broad, creative approach to identifying potential candidates. We evaluate candidates based on your specific needs, as well as the specific needs of the sector.

Some of the many family office vacancies we have successfully filled are:

  • Family Office Investment Management

  • Family Office Private Banking

  • Family Office Private Equity

  • Family Office Fund Manager

  • Family Office asset Manager

  • Private Wealth Family Office Advisor

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In Australia, the quality of life offered here is one of the highest in the world. Further, the people are so friendly and the lifestyle is very laid back. Yes, people work hard, but they also play hard. Outside of your working hours, you’ll be spoilt for choice with off-the-beaten-track beaches, islands, nature trails, rainforests and so much more. What’s more, there are so many indigenous animals and beautiful rainforests that look like they have straight out of the Jurassic era. Simply put, this is a country like no other.

If you’re seeking top family office jobs in Australia, then you can count on the services of AP Executive. Our family office executive search specialists draw on their high-level professional network, in-depth sector knowledge and internal reach to identify the right people for your private family office roles.

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