Alternative Investment Recruitment

With a commitment to innovation and foreign investment, the Bahamas continues to maintain its competitive position in the offshore financial industry. Thanks to political and economic stability, tax neutral environment and sophisticated regulatory framework, the Bahamas is the jurisdiction of choice for ambitious professionals and businesses alike. Legislative improvements have also helped the Bahamas to participate more aggressively in the alternative investment market, offering diverse investment opportunities in a regulatory-compliant environment.

This has created a huge demand for experienced investment bankers with specialised skills to fill various senior level positions. Our clients in the Bahamas are particularly interested in candidates who would be able to provide excellent alternative investment planning services to both old and new generation clientele. Experience in offshore jurisdiction is also a necessary requirement for most senior- level investment banking jobs in the Bahamas.

With over 26 years of recruitment and executive search and recruitment experience in the investment banking industry in the Bahamas and worldwide, AP Executive Bahamas provide a superior quality, professional service to clients and candidates alike. Our specialist expertise means we are quick to identify your skill sets and then match them with jobs that complement your skills and future aspirations.

For alternative investment recruitment in Bahamas or internationally, please contact or specialist consultants: