Investment Banking Jobs in Germany

Germany is one of the top countries in the world for investment banking, and there are plenty of opportunities here to elevate your investment banking career. Frankfurt is arguably the finance capital of Europe, and is home to a number of financial powerhouses and banks, including Deutsche Bank.

At AP Executive, our investment banking executive recruiters take the time to truly listen to your needs, then document a precise job description, which is a critical step in the hiring process. We then combine our state-of-the-art technology with our in-depth industry knowledge to ensure we fully understand your investment banking staffing needs and requirements.

We understand our clients and our candidates, and appreciate that hiring decisions impact individuals, teams, companies, facilities and careers. That’s why our investment banking executive search specialists work with speed, knowledge and confidentiality to fill some of Germany’s top investment banking jobs.

Oru headhunters have filled numerous vacancies in the sector, including:

  • Compliance Officer

  • Operational Risk Manager

  • Senior Investment Banker

  • Equity Research Analyst

  • Investment Banking Associate

  • M&A Associate Director

  • Head of Acquisition

  • Underwriter

  • Business Analyst

  • Associate Director of Compliance

Transparent, Timely Investment Banking Recruitment Solutions

Trust is fundamental in all partnerships we undertake, whether with our clients or our candidates. We understand the need for the highest-quality executive candidates, and their ability to positively impact your organisation.

We treat our clients and candidates with utmost professionalism and respect at every stage. For our clients, our investment banking recruitment experts bring the knowledge, tools and experience needed to augment your hiring efforts and ensure long-term success.

For our candidates, we work closely with you to match you to an investment banking company that suits your skills, experience, personality and opportunities for development.

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