Wealth Management Jobs Germany

Looking for a new job in Germany? With plenty of job opportunities and an excellent infrastructure, Germany has long been a popular destination for expats. Salaries are typically higher than the European average, and overall, the cost of living is relatively low.

Berlin, Hamburg and Munich are often ranked in the top 10 most liveable cities in Germany. The country has a high standard of healthcare that is modern and well-developed, and there are excellent public transport options.

As the economic powerhouse of the EU, there is plenty of demand for skilled staff in the country. Further, the amount of international specialists needed to keep the German economy thriving will only increase over the years.

If you are an executive-level specialist seeking top wealth management jobs, Germany is an excellent choice. At AP Executive, we possess more than 30 years of industry experience, and are ideally situated to support you in your quest for wealth management roles.

Our wealth management headhunters have successfully filled many wealth management positions in Germany, including:

  • Research Analyst

  • Client Financial Advisor

  • Global Senior Wealth Manager

  • Equity Portfolio Manager

  • Chartered Financial Planner

  • Wealth Management Consultant

  • Head of Wealth Management

  • Premier Relationship Manager

  • Mortgage Protection Manager

  • Associate Solicitor – Tax and Wealth Planning

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Established in 1990, AP Executive is a highly experienced specialist recruiter offering superior consultancy with a global reach. Our wealth management executive recruiters remain on hand to support job seekers with their employment needs, whether they seek temporary, contract or permanent solutions in Germany.

What’s more, we support businesses with a presence in Germany with their every wealth management hiring need. Our dedicated consultants will assist you throughout the process, from research and identification right through to evaluation and presentation.

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