Wealth Management Jobs in Hong Kong

Recruiting for wealth management jobs takes experience and knowledge of a wide range of skills due to the complexities of the sector. 

  • Trust & Fiduciary Jobs

  • Private Banking Jobs

Our Hong Kong regional experts in wealth management jobs who recruit for positions such as

  • Wealth Manager / Senior Wealth Manager

  • Wealth Structuring and Wealth Planning Jobs

  • Relationship Manager / Senior Relationship Manager

  • Trust Manager / Trust Director

  • Fiduciary Sales and Services

  • Intermediary Sales

  • Trust Consultant

  • Trust Service Providers (TSP)

  • Corporate Service Providers (CSP)

Bespoke and Specialist

There are some exciting opportunities here thanks to Hong Kong's sound regulation and preferential corporation taxes which are putting financial services at the heart of the economy. Our consultants are waiting to help you make the most of these opportunities.

Recruiting for wealth management jobs requires an understanding of the many areas of wealth management and financial services such as brokerage, tax and trusts, asset management, insurance etc, taking into account the individual needs of the client.