Fund Management Executive Search & Recruitment in Hong Kong

With sophisticated regulatory measures and strong connections with the mainland, the fund management industry in Hong Kong plays a critical role in serving the needs of HNW clients in Greater China and across Asia. This is an industry that continues to grow and develop, and has fast become one of Asia’s finest fund management centres. 

As a result of this remarkable growth, there are a number of talent shortages in certain key areas. As such, this sector attracts international fund managers with specialist skills to fill in various senior level roles.

At AP Executive, we understand the pressures our clients are under to source the right talent in a tight labour market where demand supersedes supply. Therefore we have created an unrivalled database of top calibre industry professionals, including both active and passive candidates. As well as leveraging our broad contact base, we also tap into a wider talent pool using sources such as social media, referrals, online advertising, job boards and much more. 

Fund management jobs we recruit for in Hong Kong include: 

  • Senior Investment Manager

  • Head of Investments

  • Head of Funds

  • Fund Manager

  • Investment Advisor

  • Senior Investment Advisor

  • Investment Manager

  • Senior Fund Manager

Expert Recruitment Advice & Guidance

Hong Kong enjoys a distinguished reputation as a leading fund management hub not only in the Asian market but also internationally. The city’s advanced infrastructure and technological readiness allow fund managers to operate in a highly regulated, modern and professional environment. 

AP Executive recruitment consultants for Hong Kong have an in-depth understanding of the challenges within the fund management industry, and the skills required by clients to navigate through difficult waters of regulatory and market changes. 

We also help job seekers searching for fund management jobs in Hong Kong by providing an array of related services including CV writing assistance and relocation advice where necessary.

Whether you are a job seeker or a business seeking personalised guidance, support and advice in executive recruitment, get in touch. Our team of Hong Kong consultants is waiting to hear from you.