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Ireland is not simply a beautiful country; it’s also a top location for executive-level jobs. There are plenty of thriving sectors here, including ICT, medical technology, finance and banking, while the country has one of the fastest-growing and most open economies in the world.

At AP Executive, we specialise in finding executive talent for top investment banking jobs in Ireland. Our process includes identifying and targeting a specific set of candidates for those roles, while we also undertake in-depth discussions with our clients to ensure we fully understand their specific hiring needs.

When you engage with AP Executive’s investment banking recruitment team, you benefit from expert consultancy, comprehensive solutions, in-depth screening and talent management/development. We also provide you with the solutions you need to retain high-performing candidates through our employee engagement action plans.

Our investment banking executive search specialists have filled numerous vacancies in Ireland, including:

  • AML and Compliance Officer

  • Private Equity Specialist

  • Equity Research Analyst

  • Senior Investment Manager

  • Compliance Surveillance Associate

  • Investment Banking Analyst

  • Operational Risk Manager

  • Physical Commodities Operations Analyst

Accelerate your Investment Banking Career with AP Executive

AP Executive’s investment banking executive recruiters are on hand to provide career guidance at every stage of the process. From the initial provision of job alerts right through to relocation advice, we are here to support you, every step of the way.

At AP Executive, you can count on us to introduce you to the latest investment banking roles in Ireland, along with the knowledge and advice you need for a smooth and seamless employment process.

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