Trust and Corporate Services Recruitment, Executive Search and Jobs Ireland

AP Executive is a leading executive search and recruitment agency offering talent acquisition solutions in the global corporate trust services sector. Established in 1990 and with a presence in more than 55 jurisdictions worldwide, we specialise in delivering first-class candidates for trust and corporate services jobs.

With its high quality of life, good salaries and social security benefits, Ireland is a top location for corporate trust recruitment. Many reputed multinational companies are situated here, and there is need for corporate trust executives.

At AP Executive, we possess in-depth knowledge of the sector, enabling us to support clients and staff with their corporate trust recruitment needs. Through our services, our clients have gone on to build robust teams that foster effective leadership, generate value and target career transitions.

We have supported many job seekers and businesses with their corporate trust recruitment needs in Ireland. Some of the many roles we have successfully filled include:

  • Senior Relationship Manager

  • Finance Director

  • Head of Legal, Corporate Services

  • Senior Trust Officer

  • Corporate Trust Relationship Manager

  • Client Service Manager

  • Assistant Manager

  • Group Risk Manager

  • Transaction Manager

Leading Corporate Trust Executive Search Services

At AP Executive, our core values are openness, flexibility, professionalism and honesty. We treat clients, candidates and staff with utmost respect, taking a collaborative approach to our work.

Whether you’re seeking temporary, contract or permanent trust and corporate services recruitment services, our executive team brings an unparalleled professional dedication to address your specific needs.

We have a comprehensive team of head-hunters ready to support you in your quest for employment in Ireland. We take a holistic approach to talent recruitment, integrating proven strategies with our practical experience and deep industry knowledge.

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