Fund Management Jobs in Toronto

With a changing regulatory environment and rise of a new generation of high-net-worth clients, the role of a fund manager has become more challenging in recent years. This sector is also more diverse than ever, featuring an array of fund management structures, including those with environmental, social and governance (ESG) policies. Today, there are a growing number of socially aware investors in Canada seeking diverse fund management opportunities in all major markets and sectors. 
As a result of all these changes and requirements, only candidates with a high level of educational and professional credentials are preferred for fund management roles. That’s why we at AP Executive are committed to bringing you only the best financial professionals who can demonstrate a wide range of investment management knowledge and expertise. 

Fund Management jobs we hire for include: 

  • Investment Advisor/Senior Investment Advisor

  • Investment Manager/Senior Investment Manager

  • Head of Investments

  • Head of Funds

  • Fund Manager/Senior Fund Manager

  • Lawyers

  • Tax specialists 

  • Transfer agents/Registrars 

Personalized Fund Management Recruitment Solutions

Strong economic growth coupled with the rise of high-net-worth investors has created new opportunities for fund managers in Canada. Having worked in the recruitment business for more than 25 years, we have the experience needed to understand the unique staffing recruitments of the fund management industry in Canada, and we ensure that only the highest caliber fund managers are passed on to you. 
We are internationally established executive recruiters for the fund management sector. Our focus has enabled us to become experts within the industry and build a robust network of clients and candidates. We have a broad contact base and are able to tap into a wider talent pool using social media, online advertisements, referrals, job boards and much more. 
Working heavily in this sector has given our consultants the expertise needed to match high-quality staff and investment managers with clients’ exact requirements. 

Tap into AP Executive’s wealth of experience and expertise. Contact us to discover more.