Fintech, Digital Banking & Blockchain Recruitment Gibraltar

Gibraltar has taken the lead in the area of fintech innovation, and sees the blockchain economy as an area where it can be globally competitive as a small jurisdiction. Gibraltar has a strong track record in attracting quality over quantity in financial services operators, meaning that it is well positioned to be a leading global hub. 
The government of Gibraltar has taken a mindful approach to the various fintech sectors, and has recognised the need for suitable regulation in order to ensure it remains a leading fintech jurisdiction. 
As a significant part of the economy, Gibraltar’s fintech sector employs thousands of people for fintech vacancies, and is estimated to constitute over 20% of the gross domestic product. 

At AP Executive, we assist renowned digital banking, blockchain and fintech companies in their search for candidates, and have developed a large pool of talented individuals in many areas pertaining to fintech and blockchain. 

Our fintech headhunters have successfully filled countless digital banking, fintech and blockchain vacancies in the region, including:  

  • Head of Business Development 

  • Finance Strategy Analyst 

  • Director - Investment Fund

  • Head of Treasury & Corporate Development

  • Financial Manager

  • Business Analyst - Blockchain Technology / Innovation

  • Financial Accountant

  • Strategic Sales Director – Blockchain

  • Blockchain Asset Management Executive 

  • Blockchain Investment Management Administrator  

Leading Fintech, Blockchain and Digital Banking Executive Recruiters

At AP Executive, we combine technical solutions with a personalised, human touch, keeping both clients and candidates in mind during the entire recruiting process. Using our industry-leading database, proven networking capabilities and targeted recruitment solutions, we connect leading organisations with top talent from across the globe.
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