Fund Management Executive Search & Recruitment in the Isle of Man

With its stable political infrastructure and excellent quality of life, the Isle of Man is a great location for employment. It is a leading centre for finance, e-business, insurance, space commerce, aviation and shipping. What’s more, with a zero corporate tax policy, many international companies are located here.

There are a number of fund management companies situated in the Isle of Man. As more and more investors seek socially aware funds and sustainable investment portfolios, demand for fund management executives has inevitably risen.

The Isle of Man offers a favourable tax regime and low unemployment rates, meaning that jobs in fund management companies are relatively easy to come by. This is particularly apparent if you possess executive-level skills and experience.

At AP Executive, we fill fund management vacancies with the best talent. Founded in 1990, we have since gone on to achieve unprecedented success, and have a presence across more than 55 jurisdictions worldwide.

Over the years we’ve filled a range of top fund management jobs in the Isle of Man, including:

  • Anti-Money Laundering Tax Specialist

  • Investment Fund Manager

  • Lawyer

  • Fund Administrator

  • Portfolio Analyst

  • Fund Management Transfer Agent

  • Transfer Agent

  • Senior Systems Auditor

Top Fund Management Recruiters

AP Executive’s fund management headhunters support businesses of all types and sizes with their staffing needs. Aside from recruitment, we also offer a wealth of client services, including talent management and development, to ensure your staff feel motivated, engaged and committed.

Since 1990, we have been partnering with businesses and leaders, with the relentless committed to find the best match for their fund management positions. We possess an in-depth talent network, which we carefully screen before considering for presentation to clients.

With AP Executive, you can count on our expertise to recruit the precise individual or individuals you seek. With many years of experience, customised tools and a vast candidate network, we offer the best staff around for your fund management roles.

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