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​Whether you're looking to expand or add to an office, or are planning relocation with a new challenge, our Executive Search South America team can help you make the right choice. 

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AP Executive consultants can assist you with jobs in the South America. Peruse the information provided for you below or contact us to discuss further options. Our teams are experts in finance and legal jobs, conducting a professional executive search in South America, in particular in the following locations: Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Peru.


Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Peru are all emerging markets, with Peru and Argentina being largely market-orientated economies. Brazil is the 12th largest economy in the world, while Chile is one of the most prosperous and stable countries in South America.

Peru's recent growth is the result of a free trade agreement with the USA, macroeconomic stability and rising investment, and now services account for over 50% of the economy.

Chile has sound economic policies and one of the best credit ratings in Latin America. Banking reforms in the 1990s enabled the financial sector to grow and strengthen, and AP Executive is able to help people find strong and exciting opportunities within financial services here.

Brazil's banks fared comparatively well during the economic crisis and the country has recently become a much sought after location for international firms. Executives within the financial sector should consider the potential of this country while it enjoys its boom.

Argentina also responded to the financial crisis with tax-cuts and subsidies, and the services sector makes up over 50% of the economy, with the financial system having been strengthened in the 1990s. It has the highest GDP per capita in purchasing power terms in Latin America.

Latin America is home to some stunning scenery and wildlife - rainforests, jungle, tropical climates and amazing beaches are just the start. Access to both the Caribbean and the Pacific, as well as areas of historical significance and close links to the USA, make the region a highly desirable place to live. While Spanish is the official language of Argentina, Chile and Peru and Portuguese the language of Brazil, English is widely spoken. In business and in large cities in particular you can find English speakers, but efforts to learn local languages and dialects are always appreciated.


For more information, please visit an official government website for each country.


Work permits for Peru, Brazil and Argentina are usually granted easily if you have an offer of employment from a company willing to sponsor you. Work permits for Chile can be trickier to obtain, so advice should be sought.