Cryptocurrency jobs in Jersey

While many people traditionally believed that the cryptocurrency, blockchain and bitcoin sectors were simply a bubble waiting to burst, it’s clear that they are far more than a passing trend. 
Over the past few years, cryptocurrencies have witnessed magnanimous growth, and countless companies across the globe have established themselves in the crypto sector due to a notable rise in popularity and demand. 
In Jersey, cryptocurrencies have offered substantial business opportunities and many people are tapping into the opportunities they present. Jersey presents a favourable environment for businesses thanks to a robust regulatory system and specific laws in place concerning cryptocurrencies, ICOs and blockchain. 
Jersey is today regarded as a crypto-friendly jurisdiction and a favourable location in the global tech market. As a result, there are many employment opportunities available in this flourishing sector, and people with a range of skills are needed to fill these roles, whether they are permanent, temporary or contract-based. 
Since our inception, we have established ourselves as a leading international executive recruitment firm with a strong presence in the Channel Islands. Our goal is to meet the exact needs of our clients in a meticulous and steadfast manner, ensuring only the highest-quality and most applicable candidates are presented for each role. 

At AP Executive, we recruit for a range of cryptocurrency, ICO and blockchain-related job roles in Jersey, including: 

  • CFOs, CTOs and COOs                 

  • Executive Managers

  • Finance Managers

  • Marketing Directors 

  • Blockchain Developers

  • Ethereum Developers 

  • Software Developers 

  • Web Developers 

  • Research Scientists 

  • Data Scientists 

  • Blockchain Team Leaders 

  • FX Traders and crypto traders

  • Technical Writers 

  • Quality Assurance Engineers

  • Blockchain Technology Specialists 

  • System Architects 

Integrity, Professionalism and Expertise

At AP Executive, we are passionate about the growing cryptocurrency industry and the opportunities it presents to both job seekers and businesses. We are excited about what the future holds for this innovative technology, as well as the opportunities it presents to those looking to expand their businesses and careers. 
We provide professional recruitment services in the fast-moving world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Our goal is to ensure that businesses are better able to capitalise on the opportunities presented by blockchain by sourcing the right candidates for the right role. 
Our vast network of resources and contacts enables us to successfully fill available cryptocurrency jobs in Jersey. However, our objective isn’t simply about filling available vacancies; we also endeavour to create high-quality partnerships that last for many years to come. 
Some of the many successful crypto and blockchain vacancies we have filled include: 

  • Director of Finance for a data privacy company 

  • Executive Manager for a growing crypto tax practice 

  • Lead Developer for a crypto brokerage firm 

  • Chief Technology Officer for an investment company  

  • Technical Writer for an established tech firm 

  • Community Representative for a self-funded blockchain project