Fintech, Digital Banking & Blockchain Recruitment Jersey

Jersey is well-positioned as a world-class finance centre with a rapid adoption of digital innovations, including, digital banking, fintech and blockchain. These sectors are rapidly developing across the island thanks to a robust regulatory setting, outstanding infrastructure and flexible approach. 
Blockchain, digital banking and fintech companies looking to develop in Jersey are constantly in need of highly-skilled candidates to fill available roles. Our team of fintech executive recruiters takes the time to get to know the precise needs of each and every client, ensuring the ideal match is found based on the company, role and workplace culture. 
With offices in Jersey and across the globe, we are uniquely positioned to help advise organisations with their fintech and blockchain executive search needs. Likewise, we remain on hand to support job seekers throughout their search for fintech roles, working hard to connect them with the perfect employer.   
Our blockchain executive recruiters provide stress-free solutions and continued support, well beyond a successful placement. We listen carefully to the needs of both clients and job seekers, providing detailed descriptions of the current market, as well as honest, confidential advice. 

Our team of headhunters has successfully filled countless, digital banking, fintech and blockchain roles, including: 

  • Head of Treasury & Corporate Development

  • Director - Investment Fund

  • Finance Strategy Analyst

  • Financial Accountant

  • Business Analyst - Blockchain Technology/Innovation

  • Strategic Sales Director – Blockchain

Global Recruiters with a Local Presence

Our fintech recruitment agency covers a broad range of blockchain, digital banking and fintech specialisations in Jersey, including fintech wealth management, blockchain investment management, blockchain financial services, and much more. 
We understand the importance of finding the ideal match for a particular role, and remain committed to bringing our clients only the highest-quality talent.  
If you’re seeking top fintech vacancies or are looking to hire new talent, we’d love to hear from you. Contact our Jersey consultants today to discuss your needs.