Fund Management Jobs in Luxembourg

Luxembourg has played a fundamental role in opening up markets for international fund distribution and providing European clients with access to international investments. The country is world-renowned for its up-to-date knowledge, experience and infrastructure that appropriately support the asset and wealth management sectors. 
Access to alternative opportunities in Luxembourg is crucial to providing a return on investment and a tailored service. Funds rely on experienced fund managers and investment advisors who can provide diversification of assets. 
At AP Executive, we possess unparalleled knowledge and expertise of the ever-growing and evolving asset and wealth management industries, as well as a large international network. We are ideally situated in the heart of Luxembourg to assist staff and employers alike with their investment fund recruitment needs. 

Some of the many investment fund jobs we have recruited for in Luxembourg include:

  • Investment Advisors/Senior Investment Advisors  

  • Fund Administrators 

  • Investment Managers/Senior Investment Managers 

  • Head of Investments

  • Head of Funds

  • Fund Managers/Senior Fund Managers

  • Custodians/Trustees/Bankers 

  • Lawyers

Consistent and High-performance

The fund management sector is in a continual state of flux, with many current and emerging trends influencing the industry. For instance, there has been an increase in funds created with environmental, social and governance (ESG) policies, largely due to an increase in socially aware investors. This has led to the emergence of many diverse and varied fund management positions.  
Our consultants for Luxembourg are experts at recognising professionals with proven track records in growing a wealth of innovative funds and delivering returns, both locally and internationally, and in helping them find the best opportunities. 
If you are seeking fund management opportunities, search our site or speak to a local consultant for advice.