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The experienced consultants on our Executive Search Africa team have the required knowledge to guide professionals in finding great career prospects in Africa and internationally. The diverse cultures and bountiful opportunities mean working in Africa can be a fulfilling experience.

Whether you are looking to expand a business or are hoping to relocate, our Africa dedicated Executive Search team can help.

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Africa is the second-largest continent in the world, with a population of approximately 1.1 billion (2013 estimate). Comprising of 54 countries, nine territories and two de facto independent states, the continent is strategically located between Europe and Asia. Although predominantly populated by African tribes, the vast continent boasts a diverse population, including Arabs, Europeans and Asians.

Following decolonization, a sizeable European population as well as large groups of Indian communities, who had been brought in to the British colonies, remained. Thus, Africa became renowned as the most multilingual continent in the world.

The economy is dependent on trade, industry, manufacturing, agriculture, tourism and more recently natural resources. In the recent years, Africa’s financial services sector has shown impressive growth, with many foreign investors pouring money into the continent.  Some of the sub-sectors that are dominant in this region are private equity, asset management, insurance, banking, stock exchange, asset management, funds and investments, family office, fiduciary, private and corporate banking. The finance and banking sector is capitalising on the government’s focus on stringent regulatory measures and technological innovations, thus contributing to Africa’s economic boom.


With continued growth in the finance and banking sector, executive-level professionals, particularly those with industry experience, are highly sought after within Africa. There are many possibilities in the region, and the opportunity to enter strong, English-speaking economies make the continent an excellent prospect for those seeking top-level positions.
South Africa is a particular area of interest for executive careers. It is a newly industrialised country that has one of the world’s biggest stock exchanges and consistently performs well in terms of GDP. The financial sector has an established regulatory framework and banking, insurance and investment are all strong. Both local and international companies can thrive in South Africa and there are many opportunities throughout the nation.


Mauritius, a beautiful isle, is another sought-after destination for financial and legal professionals. Beyond the tourism industry, the island also has a stock exchange and a flourishing financial sector. Executive careers can develop here as the regular investment and the island’s location between India, Africa and Asia continue to attract major companies. For more information on the island, visit our Mauritius page


Visa requirements vary for each country in the continent. Necessary immunisations, paperwork and fees will also be different for each border, but employment will usually support an application. Our Executive Search team is educated on the latest documentation requirements and has in-depth experience in helping executive professionals cross many of the world’s borders.