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A multi-religious yet predominately Catholic state boasting the seventh-largest economy in the world, the Republic of France has a lot to offer. Famous for luxury goods, gastronomic cuisine and fine wine, France is a country that is ideal for business and pleasure. Paris, the capital, is often referred to as the "city of love".


Apart from having various large and dynamic cities, France is in the centre of Europe making travel for business and pleasure very simple. Further, France is a member of the European Union and has been since 1993. Paris is and has been a "hive" for private enterprise, thus making the city a very cosmopolitan one. There are a reported 2.5 million private enterprises' registered throughout the country with a considerable amount of money being pumped in through foreign investment. Nevertheless, the government still has a stronghold over various major industries (i.e. transport, defence, banking and insurance). However, they claim to be heading toward a more "laissez-faire" attitude. France possibly has the largest and most lucrative unemployment and benefits scheme in the word and consequently a harsh tax system. 45% of gross pay in France is diverted into the regime and the system is unlikely to change for some time to come. The housing market in France has proven to be a lot steadier than opposed to their European counterparts - a reason to not be fearful of investing into French real-estate. Being a member of the European Union, French asset management companies are required to comply with various pieces of EU legislation (i.e. UCITS III and soon IV). These regulative bodies aim for transparency - a reason that the country has attracted so much foreign investment. Furthermore, this proves attractive to investors that may otherwise deal with countries in the Caribbean and/or the Channel Islands which aren't necessarily compliant.


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As France is part of the EU, individuals holding a passport from an EU country can work and live in France legally. They also have special bilateral agreements with some non-EU countries (i.e. Switzerland). Non-EU citizens will find it relatively hard to get a permit unless sponsored by a company/enterprise whom which they will enter France to work for. A reason that it is so difficult to enter France for non-EU citizens is because of the unemployment benefits scheme mentioned above - exploitation of the system has been a big issue in the past.