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The Netherlands is rapidly growing in popularity as a top location for employment. Here, there are attractive business incentives on offer, which is encouraging many people to begin their careers here. The region draws in a record number of expats each year, many of whom are seeking top investment management jobs.

Aside from working here, The Netherlands has a great deal on offer in terms of culture and quality of life. The surroundings are beautiful while the people are renowned for their hospitality and friendliness.

At AP Executive, we are recognised globally for our empowering asset management executive search capabilities, as well as our rapid response rate, flexibility and excellent success rate. Our asset management headhunters have the skills, resources and capabilities needed to source suitably qualified candidates for senior-level fund manager and asset management jobs.

Founded in 1990, we have since gone on to successfully fill thousands of roles not just in the Netherlands but across the globe.

Some of the recent fund manager jobs we have filled in The Netherlands are:

  • Asset Management Consultant

  • Head of Asset Management

  • Operations Manager

  • Lead Asset Protection Investigator

  • Financial Planning and Asset Management Support Associate

  • Senior Audit Manager

  • Commercial Paralegal

  • Asset Management Administrator

  • Private Banking Assistant

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AP Executive’s asset management executive recruiters are committed to diversity, transparency, objectivity and utmost confidentiality. We provide a wide range of bespoke asset management hiring and recruitment services, working closely with our clients to deliver unrivalled quality and expertise in our services.

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