Fund Management Netherlands

The Netherlands is a modern country for employment with a high standard of living, development opportunities, excellent job conditions and plenty of benefits. Overall, working conditions in The Netherlands are above average and the country has the second best pension system in the world.

While salary depends on a number of factors, minimum wage is high – as is the average salary. Infrastructure and education are advanced while staff benefit from a range of social security benefits. What’s more, The Netherlands is described as a feminine society (Hofstede) which emphasises work-life balance and supports the quality of people’s work experience.

The Netherlands has a huge and diverse fund management sector that continues to grow and evolve. In recent years, socially aware funds – and socially aware investors – have become increasingly common, as investors seek greater transparency and measures designed to protect their interests. More and more investment policies also feature environmental, social and governance (ESG) mandates.

As a result of the above changes and the infrastructure in The Netherlands, there are numerous top investment fund jobs in the country. Executive-level staff are in particular demand, as requirements from investors become increasingly complex and multifaceted.

At AP Executive, we work tirelessly to place top candidates in some of the best fund management vacancies in the country. Our goal is to match the individual based not only on qualifications and experience, but on personality and cultural fit too.

Some of the many fund management roles we have successfully filled include:

  • Company Secretary

  • Fund Manager

  • Investment Advisor

  • Fund Administrator

  • Anti-money laundering Tax Specialist

  • Portfolio Analyst

AP Executive: Top Fund Management Recruiters

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