Private Equity Jobs The Netherlands

The Netherlands has a robust private equity sector, with firms having a large share in the economy. Here, there are more than 1,000 business operating in PE or venture capital, many of which remain in need of superior talent for their available private equity finance jobs.

AP Executive is a specialist private equity executive search firm offering unparalleled PE recruiting capabilities. We support candidates in accelerating their private equity careers, and remain by your side throughout the job hunt – and beyond. By capitalising on the services of AP Executive, you’ll benefit from access to some of the industry’s latest private equity job roles – many of which are yet to be advertised.

As a leading private equity recruiting firm, our PE headhunters have filled numerous roles within the Netherlands. Some of these roles include:

  • In-House Legal Counsel

  • Trust Officer

  • Private Banking Analyst

  • Compliance Officer

  • Trust Advisor

  • Investment Manager

  • Execution Trader

  • Senior Investment Officer

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Founded in 1990, AP Executive is a world-renowned private equity search firm dedicated to serving clients within the PE sector. Our firm’s founding dates back to the beginnings of the private equity industry, and we have since expanded our expertise beyond private equity to asset management, alternative investment and more.

Home to some of the best private equity headhunters, our firm brings background and experience in locating top talent for your available private equity fund jobs. Using a combination of experience, expertise and resources, we work diligently to scout and screen some of the most sought-after candidates in the industry for your latest private equity job openings.

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