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Whether you're job hunting or recruiting, our Executive Search British Isles team have the network and experience to help you reach your potential.

AP Executive consultants can assist you locally with jobs in the British Isles. If you have needs within the UK, please peruse the information provided for you below or contact us to discuss further options. 

With the world getting smaller and the financial services sector now a global industry, even local recruiters need to have an eye on the international market. Our Executive Search British Isles services can help you with recruitment in the following locations:

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The British Isles is a group of islands that comprise of United Kingdom, Ireland and other smaller islands, including the most notable financial hub, the Channel Islands. The Isle of Man and the Channel Islands (Bailiwick of Jersey and Bailiwick of Guernsey), together form the British Crown Dependencies.

While the Crown Dependencies enjoy legislative and judicial autonomy, they depend on the UK for international representation and defence. Ireland and the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) are two sovereign states.

Each region has its own distinct culture and local traditions. English is the unifying language; however, dialect and accents vary from region to region.

United Kingdom has the strongest economy in the British Isles – widely recognised as the world’s fifth largest national economy by nominal GDP (2014 estimate). The capital is London, which is a leading financial, banking and culture centres. 

The Channel Islands enjoy a global reputation as primer offshore jurisdictions, with a sophisticated and diversified financial services sector.


The financial services sectors in these areas present great opportunities for those with experience within finance jobs and also legal jobs, particularly within areas such as wealth management, family office and private banking.

The City of London is the world's leading centre for global finance (rivalled only by New York, the two cities are tied for the top spot) and so if you work within the global financial sector it is advisable that you explore the opportunities presented by this historic yet modern district. London has great transport connections with the rest of the world, and the thriving international business network combined with the diverse culture and fast-paced lifestyle makes it an exciting place to work.

Guernsey, Jersey and the Isle of Man present different opportunities from London as they are offshore locations. Those in the financial sector can take advantage of the favourable tax rates - for example, most companies pay 0% corporate tax in Guernsey - and world-class financial and legal services such as banking, insurance and fund management thrive in these small communities. The island life here means that commutes are generally shorter than in large business districts and team sizes can be smaller and more intimate, allowing team members to make a great impact quickly and play a key role in operations.


Each country/Crown Dependency within the British Islands has its own regulations, please visit the individual pages for more information.


Each country/Crown Dependency within the British Islands has its own regulations, please visit the individual pages for more information.