Compliance and Risk Management Jobs Qatar

If you’re seeking compliance and risk management employment in an exciting and diverse part of the world, Qatar is definitely a good choice. Here, you’ll benefit from a high quality-of-life, numerous entertainment and sporting events, and the opportunity to benefit from advanced technologies in life and at work. Schools are great and healthcare standards remain high, while both nationals and expats enjoy high standards of living. Society here is welcoming to foreigners, and citizens are hospitable, friendly and generous.

Qatar has a thriving risk management sector with a strong economic landscape that attracts job seekers from across the globe. At AP Executive, our qualified professionals possess the knowledge and experience needed to match top candidates to top compliance and risk management roles. We work meticulously to ensure that job seekers are suited to roles that match their skills, experience, and cultural attitudes.

Some of the compliance and risk management jobs in Qatar we’ve filled are:

• Senior Risk Manager

• Compliance Manager

• Risk Management Specialists

• Senior Risk Manager Executive

• Head of Back Office

• Regulatory Compliance Officer

• Legal & Compliance Officer

• Change Management – Senior Consultant

World-Renowned Risk Management Headhunters

Our executive search specialists are well-versed in matching leaders to the right compliance and risk management roles and companies. Our specialists have access to a vast database of active and passive candidates, and will target key individuals who they believe would be suited for the role.

With more than 30 years of experience in filling compliance and risk management jobs, we are true specialists in the sector, and have developed an intricate knowledge of the industry. We have a strong ability to take a long-term view in identifying candidates that will bring value to your firm. This is an expertise from which many businesses have benefited – and continue to benefit.

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