Private Banking Recruitment, Executive Search and Jobs Singapore

Providing a discreet service and building relationships are key to private banking, and these attributes are also key to our approach. Whatever the need - be they private equity jobs, wealth planning, relationship management, investment services etc - our consultants have the experience to help you.

Previous private banking jobs we have worked on include: 

  • Private Banker / Assistant Private Banker / Private Banking Analyst

  • Relationship Manager

  • Client Advisor

  • Wealth Structuring

  • Execution Trader

  • Compliance / Compliance officer

  • In-house Legal Counsel / Trust Lawyer

  • Credit Analyst / Credit Risk

  • Trust Officer / Trust Administrator

  • Trust Marketer

  • Trust Accountant / Trust Advisor / Trust Compliance

  • Investment Services / Investment Advisor

Personalised and Professional

The Singapore market is a strong location for these jobs due to the growing Asian economy and increase in private wealth. This has created a large market for individuals with experience in private equity jobs, asset management jobs and other private banking roles. We use our network and expertise in all finance jobs to meet your needs, and we work on the full range of private banking jobs.

For further information please contact one of our consultants.