Cryptocurrency Executive Search, Recruitment and Jobs in Singapore

As one of the world’s leading technological and financial centres, the environment in Singapore is a favourable one for businesses intending to set up and offer innovative financial services, including cryptocurrencies, bitcoins and ICOs. 
Thanks to the support of the regulatory body, The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), Singapore cultivates an environment in which innovative businesses are encouraged to develop and thrive. Singapore’s regulators continue to encourage the adoption of innovative technology in the financial sector, as they are looking to transform the country into a smart financial centre. 
Over the years, Singapore has experienced rapid development of its economic activity, and is well-known for its large-scale support of crypto-related technologies and fintech innovation. As one of the first countries to regulate ICOs, Singapore has a favourable position on cryptocurrencies, bitcoins and ICOs. 
This has inevitably resulted in an upsurge of available job vacancies in the cryptocurrency, bitcoin and ICO space, with businesses and start-ups seeking suitably qualified, high-quality candidates to successfully fill crypto, digital asset and similarly related roles.  
At AP Executive, we are appropriately equipped to source and present top candidates on a professional and technical level, all of whom are headhunted in accordance with our clients’ exact requirements.

We recruit for a wealth of crypto and ICO-related jobs in Singapore, including:

  • CFOs, CTOs and COOs

  • Finance Managers 

  • Executive Managers 

  • Blockchain Developers 

  • PHP Developers 

  • ICO Advisors 

  • Marketing Managers 

  • Quality Assurance Engineers 

  • Blockchain Team Leaders 

  • FX Traders and crypto traders

  • Software Architects 

  • Research Scientists

  • Associate Directors 

  • Marketing Directors 

Honesty, Integrity and Professionalism

At AP Executive, we understand the significance of bitcoins and cryptocurrencies and are excited about how they will continue to evolve not just in Singapore, but across the globe. 
We remain committed to helping businesses connect with passionate, suitably qualified individuals who will help their businesses to flourish. At the same time, our goal is to help individuals to successfully establish and accomplish their career aspirations. 
With a huge international network of candidates in the bitcoin and cryptocurrency space, along with extensive recruitment experience, we are the agency of choice when it comes to sourcing and recruiting top talent. 

Our longstanding recruitment expertise enables us to place appropriately qualified crypto professionals in employment positions throughout Singapore. We work with our clients every step of the way, accompanying them throughout the entire recruitment process. 

We have successfully filled many cryptocurrency and blockchain vacancies in Singapore, including:  

  • Backend Developer for a Singapore-based start-up

  • Mobile Developer for an internationally renowned smart asset company 

  • Research Analyst at a multi-exchange trading platform

  • ICO Marketing Manager for a licensed financial advisor 

  • Marketing Executive for a cryptocurrency exchange platform 

  • Growth Hacker for a growing tech firm

  • Senior Compliance Officer for a leading crypto brokerage firm 

  • Blockchain Researcher at a blockchain start-up