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As an international finance and banking centre, the bustling city of Zurich has been a long time favourite of multinational companies and expats. It is the largest and busiest city in Switzerland, and despite its low population, Zurich has everything else in its favour to make it a leading commercial capital. Several surveys have ranked Zurich high for its quality of life. Zurich leads in parameters such as work, housing, leisure, education, health and safety. This contributes to the economic growth of the city. The city of Zurich, based in the German-speaking part of Switzerland, is renowned as a financial hub, primarily for its low tax regime and favourable laws that attract international companies. It has a long tradition of banking and insurance and is home to several banking giants, including the two biggest Swiss banks – UBS and Credit Suisse. The financial sector accounts for the major share of the city’s GDP. Interestingly, Zurich has moved beyond being a banking hub with the diversification of economic activities encompassing insurance companies, asset managers, family office, fiduciary and providers of alternative investment products. It is a clean, safe city in central Switzerland, and is generally considered one of the best in the world to live in and has a vibrant cultural scene and beautiful scenery. Zurich is a popular tourist destination and offers numerous exciting opportunities for visitors. There are international events and festivals happening at specific times of the year, for example, The Zurich film festival, one of the most extravagant and happening international events. Zurich also offers exciting nightlife and exclusive shopping experience


Apart from being a popular tourist destination, Zurich is an international financial and banking hub. It has relatively low tax regime, robust regulatory framework and business-friendly policies. The city is known for its strong professional ethics and performance-based work culture. Zurich offers plenty of work opportunities and scope for career progression. Education is given utmost importance with the government spending heavily on the education sector. There are public and private schools, both offering quality education. The population enjoys a high standard of healthcare service, and healthcare insurance is compulsory for all Swiss residents. It is one of the cleanest cities in the world and prides itself on offering a high quality of life. Although the cost of living is significantly high, Swiss salaries and living standards are among the highest in the world. Zurich has efficient public services and modern infrastructure. There is a great cultural scene, the medieval Old Town is particularly good for bars and restaurants, and the ex-pat community is large - around 32% of the population in Zurich are not Swiss. Zurich is also one of the most happening cities in the world, with several high-end theatres, opera houses, galleries, Michelin- starred restaurants and shopping centres. From international festivals and elite sporting events to vibrant night-life and exclusive shopping streets, Zurich offers a very exciting, vibrant and extravagant lifestyle. And Swiss Chocolate factories are the icing on the cake.


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