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Geneva, located in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, is the second largest city in Switzerland and has a population of 203,951 (2019 estimate). Situated at the southernmost tip of Lac Léman, Geneva is surrounded by magnificent Alps and Jura mountains. The city is renowned for its financial sector, particularly private banking which has a global reputation for confidentiality, reliability and professionalism. Geneva is widely regarded as the birthplace of international asset management, and now has a diversified and dense network of financial activities regulated by strict legal frameworks. It has emerged as a world-leading hub for international business with over 140 multinational companies having their headquarters in Geneva. Home to the UN and WHO and numerous other international organizations (both government and non-government), Geneva is a bustling cosmopolitan business centre. For long, Geneva has enjoyed being a popular tourist destination, with great historic and cultural attractions and plenty of opportunities for entertainment, shopping, dining, sports and leisure.


Geneva offers the unique opportunity to live amidst nature, yet close to the urban centre. The quality of life in Geneva is enhanced for its natural beauty with public parks covering most of the city, and the distant view of the Alps and the vast expanse of Lake Léman adding splendour to the landscape. The city is surrounded by picturesque villages that are within easy reach from the centre. It is a clean, safe city and is widely regarded as one of the best places to live in. The heart of the city bustles with social, economic and cultural activities. With numerous multinational companies and cosmopolitan culture, Geneva is a truly international city, having a foreign population of over 42%. Besides, Geneva’s ideal location within easy reach of major European countries -France, Germany, Spain and Italy – makes it convenient for businesses to expand and flourish. There is the advantage of time zone which helps companies to work with Asia and Canada with ease. The city is well-connected with the rest of Europe and world through air, sea and rail links. There are major highway links connecting with France, Spain, Germany and Italy. Geneva has an excellent education system with world-class schools and universities, with some offering courses in English as well. It offers an exciting lifestyle with plenty of opportunities for recreation and leisure. With the magnificent Alps and beautiful beaches, Geneva is paradise for both hikers and water sports enthusiasts. Be it sports, film, fashion, festivals and exhibitions, Geneva has something for everyone. With heritage chocolate boutiques offering exclusively hand-crafted and high-quality chocolates, Geneva is definitely the place to be for indulging in the world-famous Swiss chocolates. When it comes to watchmakers, Geneva steals the limelight as ‘the capital city of watchmaking’ with several celebrated and luxury Swiss watch brands.


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