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AP Executive has a team of consultants who look after jobs in Jersey, our Jersey offices are located in the centre of town to ensure we are on hand to help with your recruitment needs.

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Jersey is the largest of the Channel Islands and has a population of 99,600 (2018 estimate). It is a self-governing parliamentary democracy under the possession of the British Crown. It is not a member of the European Union, however, maintains a special relationship with the EU and is considered a part of the European community.

It is widely recognised as one of the most successful international financial centres in the world, with a stable government and a robust regulatory regime. Its thriving finance sector contributes nearly 50% to the country’s GDP, employing approximately a quarter of the total labour force. The financial services industry broadly comprises of banking, trust and fund management, accountancy, company administration, banking, insurance, legal and investment advisory services. Because of its low tax regime, Jersey attracts investors from across the globe. Approximately three-quarters of its wealth comes from outside of the United Kingdom, making Jersey emerge as one of the top offshore financial centres. Jersey also boasts low unemployment, no external debt and a strong economy. Its rapidly expanding E-business initiatives are providing additional support to the finance sector.

Jersey has become renowned for its booming financial centres, yet it still retains its traditional charm and values. The island is known for its unique combination of British and French culture and draws tourists and people from across the globe. The stunning coastline, historic monuments, ruins of World War II and attractive countryside are some of the island’s most famous attractions.


Apart from offering a beautiful, tranquil and safe environment to live, Jersey opens up a wide range of avenues within finance and business sector. Its strategic location between France and the UK makes it easier for companies to connect with clients from Europe and other parts of the world. Jersey has an international reputation for its well-established finance and banking sector, offering countless opportunities for businesses to flourish. Besides, it enjoys the reputation of being a tax haven for its no capital gains tax, inheritance tax, standard corporate tax and low social security payments. Jersey offers high standards of affordable education and comprehensive health provisions. Its idyllic and scenic beaches provide the ideal environment for enjoying quality time with family and friends. Additionally, Jersey is heaven for water sports enthusiasts, offering exciting and adventurous activities such as surfing, yachting, kayaking and coasteering.


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Setting up a Business 

The regulations for setting up a business vary according to the type and structure of the company. Therefore, it is important to decide beforehand whether you want to start a business as a sole trader, as part of a group or as a limited company.  If you are a sole trader or have a partnership, you have to first acquire a business licence from the Jersey Regulation of Undertakings office. This licence is issued after the application is reviewed by three departments: Jersey Financial Services Commission, Social Security Department and Taxes Office. The Limited liability companies are the most popular business structure, however, prior consultation should be made to understand whether incorporating this would be the appropriate step for your business.


British citizens do not require work permits in Jersey. Non-EU/EEA nationals will require valid work permits as well as visas to live and work in Jersey.

Work permits have to be applied for by the prospective employer. Currently, the Home Affairs Committee considers issuing work permits only for five sectors: finance and legal professionals, healthcare professionals, chefs and entertainers, digital sector.