Trust and Corporate Services Jobs in United Arab Emirates

In recent years, the UAE has significantly diversified its economy and is currently facing an impressive growth in its annual GDP rates, as well as stable inflation rates and accelerated private sector activity. 

The UAE offers the ideal environment for corporate trust services, and as such, there are plenty of corporate trust recruitment opportunities available at an executive level. However, in a business world of uncertainty and increasing performance pressure, organisations face constant challenges, and as such, an exceptional executive leadership team is needed to combat these changes. 

At AP Executive, we take a rigorous and customised approach to our global corporate trust recruitment services, ensuring high-quality outcomes are delivered every time. We are incredibly proud of our ability to assess, identify and benchmark exceptional talent, time and time again. 

As a leading executive search and recruitment specialists, we recruit to a wide range of trust and corporate services jobs, both in the UAE and internationally. Some of the many roles we recruit to include: 

  • Senior Corporate Governance Manager

  • Senior Relationship Manager

  • Finance Director 

  • Head of Legal, Corporate Services 

  • Client Director

  • Trust Officer/Senior Trust Officer  

  • Transaction Manager 

  • Relationship Manager   

  • Group Manager, Client Service

  • Trust Director – Trust Business Support 

Corporate Services and Trust Executive Search

As executive recruiters, we work with countless businesses to fulfil their trust and corporate services recruitment requirements. We offer our clients contemporary, best practice search methodologies, highly targeted assessment and deep, engaged candidate networks. 

With a presence in Dubai, UAE, we are also appropriately positioned to meet the changing demands of the local market, utilising our vast toolkit to assess candidates and ensure robust decision-making processes. 

Please contact our consultants today to discuss your unique recruiting requirements.