Fund Management Jobs in Dubai

With investment-friendly policies and a competitive tax system, Dubai is in the league with some of the world’s leading fund management hubs; however, there is still a shortage of qualified talent. Due to a buoyant and ever-changing market, UAE firms are continuously looking to fill the specialised fund management skills gap. 

With a presence in Dubai, AP Executive is uniquely placed to assist clients with fund management jobs across the MENA region and internationally. We recognise the importance of cultural fit for your business; therefore, our consultants invest significant time in understanding the requirements of clients as well as in screening the candidates who would fit well into their organisation. 

We provide extensive recruitment services within the fund management sector, working tirelessly to find the talent that no one else can. Positions cover junior to senior executives as well as job roles for permanent, temporary or contracted staff. 

Fund Management jobs we recruit for in Dubai include:

  • Investment advisors/senior investment advisors 

  • Investment managers/senior investment managers 

  • Head of investments

  • Head of funds 

  • Fund managers/senior fund managers

  • Fund administrators 

  • Data scientists/data analysts 

  • Transfer agents/registrars

  • Tax specialists 

  • Custodians/trustees/bankers 

Specialists in Fund Management Recruitment

Dubai serves as an attractive jurisdiction for fund managers looking to capitalise on the job opportunities offered in the MENA region. A tax-free income along with great career development prospects serve as a major pull for international professionals. 

At AP Executive, we use our global database and extensive network to connect the right people with the right roles. Our Middle East experts have a thorough understanding of the constantly evolving fund management landscape, and know exactly what skills are required within this sector.  

We recruit for a wide range of executive-level positions across the fund management sector in Dubai, including directors, associate directors, chief executive officers, chief financial officers, company secretaries, tax specialists, Human Resource specialists and much more.

If you are searching for a fund management job in the UAE or are seeking professional staff, contact one of our local consultants to learn more.