Investment Banking Recruitment, Executive Search and Jobs in Brazil

Aside from being a surfer’s paradise with outstanding scenery and beautiful beaches, Brazil is also a world-leading location for executive-level jobs. Here, there are plenty of appealing job opportunities on offer in a number of thriving sectors, including aerospace, infrastructure, IT, IT security, finance and banking.

Living and working here is certainly a unique experience, but before you leave, you need to have a thorough plan in place to ensure a positive experience in the country. At AP Executive, not only do we provide you with information about the latest jobs in investment banking companies in Brazil, we also support you with crafting your resume, preparing for an interview and of course, relocating. Our team of investment banking recruitment specialists remain by your side, every step of the way.

Since the inception of our investment banking team in 2007, we have successfully filled a range of investment banking vacancies in Brazil, including:

  • Investment Banking Analyst

  • Senior Banker

  • Managing Director

  • Underwriter

  • Head of Acquisition

  • Associate Director of Compliance

  • Private Equity M&A Lead

  • Business Analyst

  • Financial Controller

  • Regulatory Compliance Officer

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An investment banking career in Brazil is certain to be an incredible experience, while the quality of life out here is particularly high, whether you’re after adventure, relaxation, or a mixture of the two.

At AP Executive, we will support you in your search for top investment banking jobs in Brazil. Our goal is to help connect you with prospective employers not simply on skills and experience, but also on personality and cultural fit. Our investment banking headhunters possess an extensive database and network, as well as in-depth industry knowledge.

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