Trust and Corporate Services Jobs Brazil

After Brazil was selected for the Olympics in 2016, the country became extremely popular as a potential location for recruitment. Since then, thousands of firms have established a presence in Brazil, opening in numerous locations across the country.

There are plenty of benefits to working in Brazil. The country has a stable and growing economy, while sectors including healthcare, hospitality and commercial continue to thrive. Many businesses provide staff with social security, healthcare and insurances, annual leave, pensions and more. What’s more, the country has a vibrant cultural scene, incredible biodiversity and exceptional quality of life.

For individuals with expertise in corporate trust services, there are a number of opportunities for executive-level staff in Brazil. At AP Executive, we support job seekers with their trust and corporate services executive search needs, providing in-depth industry information, relocation advice, interview support and more.

For businesses, we help to fill your corporate trust roles with qualified staff, thanks to our network of candidates with whom we have built strong relationships.

Some of the many roles we have filled include:

  • Senior Relationship Manager

  • Senior Corporate Governance Manager

  • Trust Director – Trust Business Support

  • Vice President

  • Finance Director

  • Head of Legal, Corporate Services

  • Transaction Manager

  • Senior Trust Officer

  • Client Director

  • Corporate Trust Relationship Manager

Honest & Efficient Corporate Trust Recruitment Solutions

At AP Executive, we shortlist, select and interview candidates on your behalf. Our thorough process enables us to omit unsuitable candidates and narrow down the candidate pool to only the most relevant individuals.

We have a robust candidate base and many client contacts, enabling us to match the right individual to the right role based on qualifications, experience and compatibility. Through our comprehensive corporate trust executive search process, we ensure technical, team and cultural fit is met.

Seeking the most efficient global corporate trust hiring solutions? Contact AP Executive today.