Fintech, Digital Banking and Blockchain Recruitment in Brazil

As the largest country in South America, Brazil is home to some incredible job opportunities. The country offers excellent staff benefits, including social security, healthcare, insurance and pensions.

Brazil is renowned for its innovative approach to fintech financial services, which includes big data, digital payments and alternative finance. In recent years, the country has experienced immense growth in fintech and blockchain investment.

This emerging sector focuses on developing innovations and improving the delivery of financial services, and has seen a notable rise in the number of blockchain and fintech companies. As a result, there’s been a notable rise in blockchain and fintech investment companies, and consequently the availability of fintech roles.

At AP Executive, we support businesses with their fintech and blockchain investment management needs. Our blockchain headhunters work carefully with each client to determine their specific needs, then focus on delivering top candidates for available fintech vacancies.

Some of the many blockchain and fintech positions we have successfully filled include:

  • Business Analyst – Blockchain Technology/Innovation

  • Financial Accountant

  • Finance Business Partner – Blockchain

  • Head of Treasury & Corporate Development

  • Strategic Sales Director – Blockchain

  • Director - Investment Fund

Expert Fintech Executive Search & Recruiters

A successful fintech executive search requires rigorous analysis, creativity and sound judgement. At AP Executive, we provide organizations with the tools they need to fill blockchain vacancies with top talent.

Through collaboration and exceptional industry expertise, we provide businesses with transformative blockchain, fintech and wealth management solutions. Our detailed understanding of the sector has enabled us to develop a solid reputation as leading fintech executive recruiters.

Contact AP Executive’s top fintech recruiters today to discuss your blockchain executive search needs.