Compliance and Risk Management Jobs Brazil

Brazil is famous for many things, including its iconic carnival festival, talented football players, tropical climate and of course, the Amazon rainforest. However, there are also plenty of jobs in this mixed economy nation, and plenty of demand for executive-level recruitment.

At AP Executive, we work with domestic and international businesses in Brazil to fill AML, risk management, compliance and operational risk banking jobs with top risk talent. Our legal and compliance recruiters possess in-depth knowledge of the sector, including the latest trends, techniques and practices.

For job seekers, our compliance recruiting firm provides an array of resources, including resume writing support, interview preparation, market information and much more. Our risk management head hunters work hard to place you in the ideal role, aligning your particular needs with the needs of the company.

Through robust risk management executive search solutions, we have successfully filled many roles, including:

  • Deputy Chief Compliance Officer

  • Onboarding Officer

  • Vice President of Compliance

  • Chief Compliance Officer

  • Division Leader

  • Compliance Business Partner

  • KYC Specialist

  • Assistant Manager

Robust Compliance Recruitment Solutions

Today’s environment of never-ending change and disruption presents more risks to businesses than ever before. In these challenging times, organizations need experienced risk management staff to protect their business, customers and shareholder value.

Our risk management recruiting firms uses the latest tools, data, resources and processes to help organizations attract, develop, retain and engage risk talent. We apply proven strategies to build teams, shape workplace culture and develop leaders. We also support job seekers, offering market information, relocation advice, pre-interview briefing and much more.

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