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Whether you're looking to expand or add to an office, or are planning to relocate down under, our Executive Search Australia team can help you make the right choice. If you are interested in working in Australia please peruse the information provided for you below or contact us to discuss further options. Our team are experts in financial and legal executive search in Australia, New Zealand and the Cook Islands, and have the contacts and knowledge to help you with a wide range of queries.

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Australasia is the region that is made up of Australia, New Zealand, the island of New Guinea, and other neighbouring islands in the Pacific Ocean. This region is largely dominated by Australia, which is the world’s smallest continent. Although primarily an English-speaking region, Australasia boasts an ethnically diverse population with each area having a distinct indigenous culture.

Financially prosperous with relatively high per capita GDP, the economy is heavily dependent on trade, tourism, education and services sector. With a sophisticated financial services sector as well as economic and political stability, Australasia, primarily Australia, is ideally positioned as the financial hub for the Asia-Pacific region.


This region has long been a popular destination for citizens looking to relocate, and current economic conditions make it an attractive option. Australia's service sector, including financial services, forms about 70% of the country's GDP. Many argue that Australia's economy itself stayed stronger than the majority of countries' in the economic crisis. A lot of its major trading partners had recessions which affected growth in Australia to some extent, however, it was still a higher than average annual growth rate of 3.43%

New Zealand is similarly strong, having been recognised as a developed country with a prosperous economy and high GDP per capita. The Cook Islands is self-governing with a "free association" with New Zealand and is currently actively expanding its banking sector, so now is an opportune time to enter the growing economy on these 15 beautiful Pacific islands. The quality of life in these countries is generally very high - Melbourne ranked as the world's most liveable city for seven years in a row, from 2011 until 2017 and many other Australian cities including Sydney and Perth ranked highly. New Zealand also has good standards of education, healthcare and general living, and the beautiful scenery and pace of life in this region adds to the sense of wellbeing. While living costs can be high, immigrants from key business centres with experience in the financial and legal sectors can usually command salaries to more than cover these costs. As English is the official language of these countries and the ex-pat communities are large, settling in after a move is not difficult and ex-pats tend to be very happy here, particularly those who speak fluent English. Extra language skills can also be appreciated for international business.



New Zealand

Please visit the official government websites of Australia and New Zealand for more information.


Australasian countries operate Skilled Migrants programmes to cover shortages, which change according to need. Visas are also available to people who have sponsorship from an employer, so talk to us today for advice about whether you would qualify.