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Gibraltar is located at the southern end of the Iberian Peninsula, a strategic area marking the meeting point of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. Spain ceded Gibraltar to Great Britain in 1713. Since then, Gibraltar's status has become a major source of contention between the two countries, with Spain continuing to lay claim to the colony. Gibraltarians regard themselves as culturally and historically separate from the Spanish. The issue re-emerged onto the international agenda in 2001 with a series of high-profile meetings between the Spanish and British governments forced upon by the EU. Gibraltar is classed as a British Overseas Territory, with a largely self-governing system. The official language is English, but there are many other languages spoken on the Rock, particularly Spanish and Portuguese.

Gibraltar is a major offshore financial centre. The Gibraltar economy is largely based on financial services, online gambling, tourism and shipping. Financial services are the main driver of the economy, with a 12,000 strong workforce. According to the 2015 International Monetary Fund World Economic Outlook Database, Gibraltar is ranked as the 3rd world economy in terms of Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

The finance sector is made up of accountancy firms, legal firms, firms that provide a variety of financial services, banks, insurance companies and also pure company management practitioners. According to the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission, the finance sector is continuing to grow at a steady rate.

Gibraltar’s rich cultural heritage, picturesque landscapes, beautiful beaches and all year round sunshine, serve as a major attraction for other European expats.


As a leading offshore financial centre within the European Union, Gibraltar has everything in its favour. With a robust economy, political stability, favourable tax regime and high standard of living, it is easy to know why most foreign professionals prefer to relocate to this jurisdiction.

Gibraltar’s strategic location between Europe and Africa facilitates cross-border trade, and being outside the VAT zone means businesses can take advantage of the attractive tax benefits. Tax-free shopping in Gibraltar is another added bonus.

Being an English-speaking country, working in Gibraltar is easier than elsewhere in Europe. Besides, there is an excellent education system based on the English model and access to free healthcare services.

Gibraltar is well-connected to the UK by regular flights to and from London. The nearest international airport is in Malaga, Spain, which is a two hours’ drive from Gibraltar through the scenic Andalusian countryside. There are also frequent all-day bus services to the Malaga Airport.

Despite the small size, Gibraltar has a lot to offer, ranging from tourist attractions and outdoor activities to exciting night-life, casinos and fine dining and shopping experiences


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Gibraltar is ideal for setting up a business, offering a wide variety of options. Some of the business entities on offer include sole trading, partnerships, Limited Liability Partnership, companies, trusts and non-profit organisations.


For more information, please visit

Gibraltar Home office website

As a member state of the European Union, any other EU nationals are allowed to enter and work in Gibraltar without any visa.  

Nationals from non-EU member states need to apply for a work visa after an employer has extended a job offer. However, priority is given to Gibraltarians and other EU nationals.

For more information, please visit Gibraltar Home office website.