Salary Guides

Salary Guides in Cyprus

We provide salary levels to companies looking for market rates

Our salary guides can help with annual performance reviews, during recruitment process and to assess the status against competition. The guides will help you offer a fair and enticing salary package, and understand your position in market place.

How our salary guides help

AP Executive's salary reports for Cyprus provide information and guidance for Accounting, 
Insurance, Banking, Compliance, Human Resources, Legal, Trust & Fiduciary salaries. The employment market is competitive in Cyprus, particularly within finance, and as a business you need to be sure that you benchmark your salary packages against your competitors' to be an attractive prospect for top talent.

Our guides draw on research of the local employment market and are updated regularly to ensure accuracy and relevance. Where there are jobs that are not covered in our standard salary guides we will provide this on an ad-hoc basis.

Due to AP Executive's expertise within investment services we have particular expertise on salaries for jobs in trusts, funds, family office, compliance, accountancy, wealth management and private banking.