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We offer executive search and recruitment services in Dublin, Belfast and Limerick, Ireland and Northern Ireland. Our consultants can assist you with jobs in wealth management, family office, trust, accountancy, compliance and legal sector or contact us to discuss further options. 

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Ireland is a sovereign state located in the North-West of Europe. The country has a long history with the United Kingdom and shares one-sixth of the island with its larger and only neighbour. Ireland is an independent country with a population of 4.9 million (2016 estimate), has an abundance of history, culture and scenic nature. Majority of the country’s population is located on the eastern side of the country - in and around Dublin, the capital of Ireland, where the economy is more prosperous. 
With nine out of ten largest global pharmaceutical companies based here, 21% of global aircraft leasing taking place here and one-third of the population being under 25, Ireland has been an attractive location for businesses in the recent history. However, it remains understated in the list of global financial centres, ranking only in 33rd place (GFCI, 2017). 
Ranking as twelfth globally, Ireland is one of the wealthiest countries in the OECD and EU, in relation to GDP per capita. As well as being the ninth most economically free economy in the world (IEF), Ireland is a home to a large number of multinational corporations.
As well as the prospering economy, Ireland is renowned for its natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. From the renowned pub culture, friendly attitude, world-class art scene to groundbreaking scientific discoveries and abundance of World Heritage Sites, Ireland has something to offer to everyone. 


Ireland is open for new business and is very active in promoting itself to institutions looking to establish here. It boasts a low corporation tax of 12.5% and a talented pool of high-tech professionals are attractive for business investment.  
Since suffering the Global Financial Crisis of 2008, Ireland has made a great recovery and is far superseding the larger EU nations in terms of economy. It was named the "best country for business" by Forbes in 2013. 
Although Dublin may not be the first place you think of in terms of financial centre, it has a global reputation as an asset management centre, particularly for alternative investment funds. It’s a varied financial services centre, home to insurance, banking and trading services. 
Ireland has long been known for its literacy, music and emigration that have provided a cultural presence on an international level. It has good transport links to global destinations, great education and state of the art technology industry to support business growth and professional development. 

In terms of quality of life, Ireland is in the top eight on the Human Development Index (HDI). It has a high percentage of population educated to a college/degree level, has one of the most developed systems of healthcare in the world and low unemployment. 
From exploring the countryside with breathtaking views to great cultural events and top-level sports such as Golf, Ireland can accommodate the needs of the cosmopolitan as well as thrill-seekers. 
Some of the leading global tech industry giants have chosen their Europe bases to be in Ireland, closely followed by the banking giants, accountancy and investment firms.


For detailed information on starting a business in Ireland, please visit the official website of:

Citizens Information

Setting up a company in Ireland is more straightforward than in some of the other global financial centres but different supports and regulations apply, depending on individual situation. Businesses with ownership from the EEA will have the same rights as those with Irish citizenship however non-EEA nationals must get permission from the Minister for Justice and Equality. All the applicants must submit:

  • Company Name

  • Type Of Company

  • Constitution

  • Registered Office

  • Directors

  • Company Secretary

  • Authorised & Issued Share Capital

  • Shareholders


To find out more about relocating to Ireland:

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There are no special requirements for the nationals of UK, EU, EEA and Switzerland as you will have the same working rights as Irish citizens. Non-EU nationals require a visa/employment permit to reside and work here. 
There are nine different types of permit and you can find out more information on visas and employment permits here: Citizens information - Coming to work in Ireland.