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In 2017, a French regulation was implemented known as the ‘right to disconnect’, thus giving workers a statutory 35-hour working week, and a minimum of five week paid annual leave.

Culturally, there is more respect for time off in France when compared with other countries, and a great deal of emphasis placed on holiday and family time. As such, France is a popular location for a wide range of specialisations, including hedge fund management jobs.

AP Executive is a leading hedge fund recruitment firm specialising in the placement of hedge fund professional staff. Our executive search firm supports job seekers with their hedge fund career aspirations. From careers guidance and market information to hedge fund vacancy alerts and relocation advice, we’re here to support you, every step of the way.

Likewise, for businesses, we remain on hand to support you at every stage of the hedge fund recruitment process. Our services are incredibly wide-ranging to include talent acquisition and planning, salary guides, compensation and benefits, talent development, and so much more.

Our hedge fund executive search firm has successfully filled many roles in France, including:

  • Senior Analyst

  • Hedge Fund Portfolio Manager

  • Senior Trader

  • Head Trader

  • Senior Hedge Fund Analyst

  • Global Credit Trading Associate

  • Quantitate Researcher for ETFs

  • Fund Operations Analyst

  • Fund Selection and Portfolio Manager

  • Business Analyst

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AP Executive is a hedge fund recruitment company dedicated to servicing clients and candidates within the global financial services industry. Since our inception in 1990, we have evolved with the alternative investments industry and expanded our expertise to include hedge funds, investment banking, alternative investment and much more.

Our hedge fund recruitment firm prides itself on a vast candidate base, thousands of successful placements and many years of combined recruiting experience.

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