Payroll Services Providers

Is your payroll as efficient as it could be?

Outsourcing payroll can be a great way to free up internal resources and safeguard this process against changes in your business.

How does this work?

It's simple to set up a payroll service with us. Our experienced team comprising of Human Resources and Payroll professionals discuss your individual requirements and then put together a bespoke package which incorporates standard procedures such as National Insurance and deductions such as pensions and students loans as well your individual needs, for example, bonuses and expenses. AP Executive manages all the relevant paperwork electronically, making the process smooth, streamlined and hassle-free.

Domestic and Global payroll

Here at AP Executive, we provide bespoke and centralised Payroll solutions to big or small to medium-sized organisations across a broad range of sectors in Guernsey, Jersey, London and Cyprus. Our international expertise enables us to manage payrolls globally, whilst ensuring regulatory compliance and eliminating multi-currency issues.

Issuing & posting of payslips

All employees are legally entitled to a payslip. We ease your burden by generating itemised payslips electronically, which can be sent to the employee online or printed if necessary. The payslips carry detailed information on the salary, including any allowances and employee deductions made. 

Income tax return and Social security declarations

Processing employees' income tax returns and social security declarations is a complicated and time-consuming exercise. Let us handle this tedious task for you, whilst you concentrate on your core business activities.



We offer flexible options for processing payment instructions. 

Standard Payroll Service

  • We generate payroll files, including tax & social security returns

  • We submit tax & social security returns

  • The client pays the staff and authorities

  • We invoice the client for our payroll services only

Fully Managed Payroll Service 

  • We generate payroll files, including tax & social security returns

  • We submitted tax & social security returns

  • We pay staff & authorities

  • We invoice the client with the staff salaries and our fee. The client has to pay our invoice 10 days before salaries are due.


Bespoke Payroll Service

  • Choose the level of service to match your needs

  • Local or international requirement

  • Working with small, medium or large businesses

  • Business is in a specialist sector that requires additional services