Private Banking Jobs France

With its positive laws and standard 35-hour work week, France is a wonderful location for employment. The country offers generous statutory benefits, including health coverage, pension funds and much more. As a result of these benefits, it’s no surprise than many expats seek employment here.

Identifying and attracting top talent for your available private banking jobs requires a rigorous approach to assessing their ability to be successful in specific roles and situations. At AP Executive, we combine deep industry expertise and functional knowledge with a proven executive search and assessment process. Our goal is to support you in finding leaders who fit your organisation’s unique needs whilst accelerating the success of your firm.

Our recruitment experts continue to support businesses in France with filling their available private bank job vacancies. Some of the many successful placements we have made include:

  • Private Banking Analyst

  • Execution Trader

  • Trust Account

  • Investment Advisor

  • Investment Risk Analyst

  • Senior Relationship Manager

  • Trust Administrator

  • Compliance Officer

  • KYC Officer

  • Head of Banking

  • Corporate Banking Specialist

  • Client Administration Manager

Superior Private Bank Job & Recruitment Services

Since 1990, AP Executive has been helping businesses and job seekers with their unique staffing and employment needs, not just in France but across the globe too. Thanks to our vast European and global presence, we possess a huge candidate database and impressive international connections.

We support job seekers with accelerating their private bank careers in France, working methodically to match them to top private bank job openings that match their skills, qualifications, personalities and goals. For businesses, our team is focused on identifying prospective candidates and securing your new hire at the right price.

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