Wealth Management Jobs France

With its emphasis on work-life balance, famous 35-hour work week and extended midday breaks, France offers superior employment opportunities. Staff benefit from average high salaries and health and social security coverage, which also applies to expatriates.

In 2017, France introduced a new law called the right to disconnect. Under this labour law, businesses with 50 employees or more must let their employees disconnect from digital devices outside of their standard working hours. There are also strict laws about working on Sundays, to such an extent that fines and prison sentences are given if employees are found to be working in the office on a Sunday.

At AP Executive, we understand how important it is to hire the right staff for your wealth management positions. Top staff bring a bounty of benefits, including maximised productivity, high team morale and the preservation of your company image.

Our wealth management executive recruiters work closely with you to fully understand your strategic, financial and hiring objectives. From there, we then conduct a meticulous recruitment process, enabling us to find the brightest and most accomplished candidates.

Some of the top wealth management jobs we have recruited for include:

  • Financial Advisor – Private Wealth Management

  • Senior Wealth Manager

  • Head of Wealth Management

  • Operations Manager

  • Associate Solicitor – Tax and Wealth Planning

  • Client Support Executive

  • Chartered Financial Planner

  • Premier Relationship Manager

Top Wealth Management Recruiters

Finding the right senior executive to steer your business in the right direction is a huge challenge faced by many businesses. At AP Executive, our trusted wealth management executive search specialists possess broad industry insights, ensuring an exceptional recruitment process and superior results. Throughout the process, our wealth management headhunters share their experiences, best practices and trusted knowledge, to help our clients and candidates succeed.

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