Corporate Lawyer Jobs UK

As leading experts within the international financial recruitment market, we work with many legal, financial and private client service companies in the UK and across the world.

AP Executive has offices across the world in key financial centres including London and our consultants are experts in both onshore and offshore locations, so we can assist you on a local or international basis for Corporate Lawyer jobs.

Companies involved in corporate law and private services require highly skilled lawyers to ensure compliance manage clients' legal affairs and obligations. Typically those in corporate lawyer jobs can expect to work in areas such as banking law, taxation, real estate law, power of attorney, drafting legal opinions and similar.

International Focus

Regulations and demands within local jurisdictions vary, and our international focus means we spend time in these locations so can understand these needs and ensure that all necessary qualifications and paperwork are in place. Typically, we work with candidates who hold law degrees and are a member of a regional Bar Association. Our large international network of companies and individuals, combined with our involvement in the industry, means we can quickly identify talented candidates and we work hard to help you fulfil your career ambitions.

AP Executive already work with some of the financial and legal sector's leading companies, providing effective recruitment solutions for long term success.