Fund Management Jobs UK

The UK fund management industry is the second largest in the world – and the largest in Europe. It is currently worth around £8 trillion, and includes independently managed funds as well as those owned by banks, insurance companies and pension funds. 

The UK’s fund management sector is extremely diverse and continuously evolving. There are many emerging trends in the industry, including RegTech, which involves increased risk monitoring using state-of-the-art technology, as well as data analytics and data science, where many large fund managers are hiring significant teams of data scientists to analyse and seek trends. 

Here in the UK our robust financial services sector means there are many excellent opportunities for a wide range of fund management jobs. Throughout the UK, we provide businesses with an unparalleled reach across the fund management sector. Our team of recruitment specialists are highly skilled and dedicated, enabling us to expertly deliver your executive search needs in an honest, trustworthy and discreet manner.  

The UK is thriving with highly skilled professionals available for an array of fund management jobs. Some of the many roles we recruit to include: 

  • Investment Advisor / Senior Investment Advisor

  • Investment Manager / Senior Investment Manager

  • Tax specialists 

  • Data scientists/analysts 

  • Investment Advisors/Senior Investment Advisors  

  • Head of Investments

  • Head of Funds

  • Fund Manager / Senior Fund Manager

  • Operation risk managers 

  • Lawyers 

  • Custodians/trustees

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AP Executive’s recruiters source qualified, proven professionals who possess a talent that will propel your business forward. Our goal is to efficiently yet discreetly find the skilled professionals you need, focusing on confidentiality, relationship building and the latest industry knowledge. 

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