Cryptocurrency jobs in UK, London

Since bitcoins first emerged in 2008, the UK has integrated them into their financial and legal system, and has readily embraced cryptocurrencies, bitcoins and ICOs. As cryptocurrencies continue to expand across the globe, the UK recognises that they are rising in popularity and expanding in usage, and understands the significant role they play within the UK. 

Since 2016, cryptocurrencies have become mainstream across the globe. Today, they are recognised as legal tender and an investment asset, and many European governments have joined forces to cooperate on cryptocurrency regulation. Without question, blockchain technology has changed the world as we know it, and the UK wants to remain afloat of its potential.

In 2018, the UK launched a ‘cryptocurrency task force’: a fintech strategy designed to ensure the country stays competitive within the cryptocurrency ecosystem whilr providing a framework for what regulation should entail. 

As a result of these measures, the UK is in a strong position to become a leader in the digital and cryptocurrency space by 2022. As such, there are plenty of employment opportunities in this flourishing sector as more and more blockchain companies establish themselves in the region. 

AP Executive plays a pivotal role in sourcing the highest quality candidates in line with clients’ specifications. We specialise in sourcing top talent from mid-management level to executive board level, and possess a robust portfolio of qualified, appropriately skilled candidates. 

We recruit for many crypto-related jobs in the UK, including: 

  • Finance Managers

  • Blockchain Software Developers 

  • Software Engineers

  • Marketing Directors 

  • Product Managers 

  • Executive Managers 

  • CFOs, CTOs and COOs

  • Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Solicitors

  • Blockchain Team Leaders 

  • Cryptocurrency Investment Analysts

  • FX Traders and Crypto Traders 

  • ICO Advisors 

  • Investment Analysts

  • PHP Developers 

  • Technical writers

  • System Architects

Judicious, Adaptable and Resourceful

If you are looking to enter the cryptocurrency, blockchain or ICO sectors, contact AP Executive. Likewise, if you are a business seeking appropriate candidates, look no further. 

AP Executive is a world class consultancy specialising in the recruitment of executive level candidates. With more than 30 years of experience, our specialist consultants possess unparalleled knowledge and expertise in executive search and recruitment. We are uniquely positioned to source top talent for our clients and are passionate about the role we play in this ever-evolving industry. 

Some of the many crypto and blockchain vacancies we have successfully filled include: 

  • Operations Director for an established crypto firm 

  • Frontend Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Developer for a multi-award-winning Fintech company  

  • Senior Java Software Engineer for a London-based Bitcoin company 

  • Finance Manager for a UK digital currency gateway 

  • Quantitative Analyst for an Ethereum-based app

  • Chief Technology Officer for a cutting-edge cryptocurrency platform