​Compliance jobs in UK

Compliance jobs require a solid understanding of specific industry regulations and experience in offering advice and support to companies that are often under scrutiny from external regulatory bodies.

We are leading legal and compliance recruitment agency with a strong local and international presence.

Here are just some of the compliance jobs in the UK we feature regularly:

  • Senior Compliance Specialist

  • Compliance Officer

  • Compliance Manager

  • Money Laundering Reporting Officer

  • Head Of Legal And Compliance

Reputable Service

Compliance often forms part of a company's first line of defence. A compliance officer, manager or director will be responsible for handling reputation management and ensuring a business conducts its operations in a compliant, legal and ethical manner. Most compliance officers specialise in a particular area such as finance or data protection. Our recruitment specialists have years of experience in finding our clients the right compliance role and we would be delighted to do the same for you.