Trust and Corporate Services Jobs Guernsey

Guernsey is a pivotal jurisdiction for international business with a strong legislative framework and high standards of international compliance. With a reputation as a first-class finance centre, Guernsey is the ideal location for individuals seeking corporate trust careers, and there are countless opportunities available.
The global corporate trust services market is highly competitive and evolved. What used to be a highly fragmented industry is today incredibly complex with increased regulatory requirements. Individuals working within this sector must be highly knowledgeable and professional, with knowledge of the industry’s three main segments – funds, private clients and corporates. 
At AP Executive, we work tirelessly to find the ideal hire for our clients, carefully tailoring our approach to meet unique needs and requirements. We are extremely meticulous when it comes to sourcing and locating executive talent, and are so proud of the many connections we have established since our inception in 1990. 

We provide invaluable services to job seekers and companies, recruiting for a range of trust and corporate services jobs, including:

  • Assistant Manager

  • Trust Manager 

  • Operations Manager 

  • Senior Trust Officer 

  • Senior Corporate Governance Manager 

  • Trust Director – Trust Business Support

  • Finance Director 

  • Head of Legal, Corporate Services 

Specialists in Corporate Trust Recruitment

We actively deal with trust and corporate services recruitment, and understand the intricacies of this sector. With offices in Guernsey and internationally, we have a well-established local and global reach. Our professional consultants remain on hand to advise job seekers with their recruitment requirements, at every stage of the recruitment cycle. 
At the same time, we support businesses and organisations with their corporate trust executive search needs, from the talent acquisition and planning stages through to engagement and retention. Our services are specialised and tailor-made to ensure your business thrives in this highly competitive market. 
To learn more about our services, please contact one of our local consultants today.